Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Ducted Evaporative Cooling is ideal if you need a form of cooling in  your home andDucted Evaporative Cooling you are on a tight budget.  I would recommend a ducted evaporative cooling system. Prices start from $3300.00 fully installed, the price is based on a system  fully installed system . This air conditioning system  would cool a home up to 100 sq metres.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling Principals

Ducted Evaporative air conditioning cools your home because of the same natural cooling principle you experience in a forest or by the sea. First of all fresh outside air is drawn through water saturated filter pads cooling the air through evaporation. Just as a sea breeze provides cool relief on a hot day. Evaporative cooling added benefit of filtering out airborne dust and pollen. Ducted Evaporative cooling supplies not only cool and fresh air , but also filtered air throughout your  home. Ducted Evaporative cooling  provides a continuous flow of cool air through your home.
Evaporative cooling  as a Diy project it would take one day to install. Their are several different companies that sell Diy air conditioning kits in Perth. Gmtair is one such company in bayswater. They manufacture their very own quality insulated flexible ducting. Because It is a very important part of any ducted air conditioning system.  Gmtair does a well balanced design and reliable system because they only use quality tried tested products.

A  majority of consumers choose fully installed method for there Ducted evaporative cooling system because they are quiet happy to pay the extra and have the job done from start to finish. With Ducted evaporative cooling there are several different styles of evaporative coolers on the market. Some Australian brands have a contour design as pictured above. A ducted evaporative cooler mounted on a plastic or metal dropper is the standard method. They are normally the same colour as the roof  because the  installer would paint the same colour. At times the ducted evaporative cooling does not work Because of Perths humid weather.

Ducted Evaporative cooling solution

So If you are looking to buy an air conditioning system in Perth give us a call on 9271 8643 and we would be only to happy to help and get you ready for the long hot summer ahead. Because now is the time to act as we have some great specials pre summer.

Evaporative air conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning systems are a very effective way to cool your home.Evaporative air conditioning A basic description of ducted evaporative air conditioning Perth cooling system. The ducted air conditioning  system has an evaporative cooler mounted on a sheet metal dropper or plastic dropper which is mounted in a central position in your home. The sheet metal dropper also has of 3 or 4 larger diameter holes at the base of your dropper. Lengths of flexible ducting connect on to the dropper  and run through out your roof space splitting off into smaller sizes leading to outlets in each room of your home.

There are lots of different brands available on the market today. You have the 3 main brands,

  • Seeley brand would be the biggest they manufacture 3 different models the Coolair, Braemar, and Breezair.
  • Bonaire brand also manufacture Celair.
  • Brivis


Advantages of Evaporative Air conditioning in Perth.

Some of the standard advantages of Evaporative air conditioning Perth systems.

  • When the nights are cool you can draw fresh cool air into your home from the outside air.
  • The Evaporative air conditioning system  moves large quantities of fresh cool air through flexible ducting spread through out your home. This forces stale air out of open doors and windows.
  • The Running costs of an evaporative air conditioning are not as expensive as reverse cycle air conditioning.
  • The hotter and dryer the climate the better performance you can expect.
  • Evaporative air conditioning systems Perform well in an open living environment.
  • They are great for families that have kids running in and out of the house as there is no need to keep closing the doors.
  • Evaporative air conditioning is a lot more cost effective in running costs than reverse cycle ducted systems.
  • Cost of installing the ducted evaporative cooling system is half the price of a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system .

Disadvantages of Evaporative air conditioning  in Perth

  • With the weather pattern constantly changing in Perth we are now experiencing more humid days. This is by far the biggest disadvantage as it makes your home very uncomfortable.
  • With large tiled homes it can make your floors very slippery.
  • The best temperature drop you will get will be 10 – 12 degrees from outside temperature to inside.
  • The Evaporative air conditioning system does not offer a form of heating.

I have actually kept my Evaporative air conditioning system in at home. We have also installed ducted reverse cycle air conditioning for the winter because the price of wood has gone through the roof and we needed a source of heating. I have been using it now for 4 years and getting the benefit of both systems. If it is a humid day I use the ducted reverse cycle for cooling. If it is a hot dry weather I use evaporative cooling. For night time use it is always evaporative cooling.

Replacing Evaporative Air conditioning vents

Over time the evaporative air conditioning vents break down due to ware and tare or they become discoloured. When replacing vents it is easier to replace the whole vent and adaptor. Over the years there are many different types and sizes so trying to get an exact match will be very hard. So if you need to replace your Evaporative air conditioning vents you need to know two measurements. First measurement is the actual whole size cut in your ceiling and the second measurement is the diameter of flexible ducting that connects to the air conditioning vent. If you have these 2 measurement you will be able to buy from any supplier. Gmtair in bayswater wholesales replacement air conditioning vents there phone number is 9271 8643.

Replacing Evaporative Air Conditioning

A lot of people ask me if I am replacing an Evaporative air conditioning system can I use the same flexible ducting.  The simple answer is no for 2 reasons. First reason is the diameter of the flexible ducting is different. Secondly the insulation used on the flexible ducting is different. In addition the vent location for Evaporative air conditioning is also opposite to reverse cycle air conditioning. In a lot of cases in small bedrooms you can get away with the using the same hole. With larger living areas I would recommend placing vents in the right place and patching holes if need be.

Finally if you are looking for evaporative conditioning in Perth. Contact us because we have some great specials to clear. we can offer a complete installed system or we can offer a kit supplied as a diy option. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by selecting the diy option with the comfort of a professionally designed system with friendly advice on how to save your self time and money.

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Ducted Evap Cooling

Ducted Evap cooling is a great way to stay cool. Summer is on the way and now is the time to Ducted Evap coolingstart thinking about getting ready for summer. Before the rush starts a lot of air conditioning Perth companies will start having specials. In the lead up to summer so now is the time to act. You could save up to $500.00 by buying now as opposed to buying in the middle of summer. You will also get a greater choice of installation dates this time of year. Ducted evaporative cooling will cool your home effectively in hot dry weather.

Prices start from $2300.00 as a diy ducted evaporative cooling system. They can  rang right  up to $5500.00 for a fully installed top of the range system.

When considering  an Ducted  Evap cooling system their are several important things to consider

  • The brand of your evap cooling unit is important . I would personally would  recommend an  Australian made unit one over  a cheap Chinese import.
  • The Dropper that the unit is mounted on. You have a choice of metal or plastic once again I would recommend a plastic dropper as they do not rust. A metal dropper depending on location would last about 10-15 years
  • Flexible ducting has many different quality  levels of  on the market today there is a lot of low quality products entering the market place make sure you ask where the product is made. Gmtair is a local western Australian company that produces the flexible ducting in Bayswater.
  • Air diffusion is also an important part most evaporative vents these days are 4 way blow once again the quality differs some you pick up they  will fall apart this is something to consider as they will need to be cleaned yearly.
  • my last and possibly most important point is make sure you do your homework if you are paying someone to install it, do a Google search on the company and see if they have a good reputation if they are not online and have a good reputation you might want to choose another company.

So if you have any more questions on Ducted evap cooling  I would only be too happy to answer  leave a comment  below or email me on info@evaporativeairconditioningperth.com.au If you would like to email me your plans for an obligation free quote please do so or call me on 9271 8643

Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth diy

Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth diy is a great way to cool your home with a long hot summer fast approaching. There is no better time to takeEvaporative Air Conditioning Perth diy action and Purchase a diy ducted evaporative air conditioning system. A ducted evaporative cooling system works well in Perth most of the time . A ducted evaporative cooling  system is the cheapest form of ducted air conditioning to buy . It is also the cheapest ducted air conditioning in running costs.

How does Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth diy work

A Ducted Air conditioning systems always starts off with a good design. The most important part is getting the design correct and sizing of your home. The next important choice s choosing the company to give the right advice. We manufacture the best quality flexible ducting on the Perth market. We supply most major brands of air conditioning units . Supply  your house plan and  we will do a Flexible duct design and  layout. We will also give the tips that the professional use when  installing your diy ducted air conditioning system .

A diy ducted evaporative  air conditioning  will take approximately 1 day to install. You will need a licensed plumber and electrician to help with your installation. The cost savings between a fully installed system and a Evaporative  air conditioning Perth diy system can range between $1000.00  to 1500.00. dollars.

If you can climb a ladder and cut a hole in a ceiling you are more than capable to complete the job. Gmtair will design your system to ensure it works correctly. We can also supply kits within 2 days .

If an Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth diy is not for you. We can also do a complete supply and installed price.

So if you are interest just email me your plans and I will respond with a very competitive price on Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth diy or call me on 08 9271 8643