Ducted Evap cooling is a great way to stay cool. Summer is on the way and now is the time to Ducted Evap coolingstart thinking about getting ready for summer. Before the rush starts a lot of air conditioning Perth companies will start having specials. In the lead up to summer so now is the time to act. You could save up to $500.00 by buying now as opposed to buying in the middle of summer. You will also get a greater choice of installation dates this time of year. Ducted evaporative cooling will cool your home effectively in hot dry weather.

Prices start from $2300.00 as a diy ducted evaporative cooling system. They can  rang right  up to $5500.00 for a fully installed top of the range system.

When considering  an Ducted  Evap cooling system their are several important things to consider

  • The brand of your evap cooling unit is important . I would personally would  recommend an  Australian made unit one over  a cheap Chinese import.
  • The Dropper that the unit is mounted on. You have a choice of metal or plastic once again I would recommend a plastic dropper as they do not rust. A metal dropper depending on location would last about 10-15 years
  • Flexible ducting has many different quality  levels of  on the market today there is a lot of low quality products entering the market place make sure you ask where the product is made. Gmtair is a local western Australian company that produces the flexible ducting in Bayswater.
  • Air diffusion is also an important part most evaporative vents these days are 4 way blow once again the quality differs some you pick up they  will fall apart this is something to consider as they will need to be cleaned yearly.
  • my last and possibly most important point is make sure you do your homework if you are paying someone to install it, do a Google search on the company and see if they have a good reputation if they are not online and have a good reputation you might want to choose another company.

So if you have any more questions on Ducted evap cooling  I would only be too happy to answer  leave a comment  below or email me on info@evaporativeairconditioningperth.com.au If you would like to email me your plans for an obligation free quote please do so or call me on 9271 8643

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